Pets and Sports Club!


Do you want to join my pets and Sports club (same club)? Well you are in the right place!!! Peppy to my and tell me your hopscotch user name, do you like pets and sports, and if you are in another club. Then I will reply to you and tell you what you need to do after that. What we do in the club: We make projects together, talk about sports and pets etc. And we will start to give out ideas for projects to do together! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Make sure if you have any questions be sure to ask me! Remember to sign up soon!!!


Sure I would love to!!! I don't have any pets though........but I love sport!!!!! :basketball::basketball::basketball:🏐🏐🏐:basketball::basketball::basketball:🏐🏐


@Kotarose13 what is your hopscotch user name, and if you are in another club


I love to play sports with pets. Dogs are horrible at being goalies! plus I like to play defence in football if the enemy team is animals. So i can legally tackle animals without the charge of animal harasment or animal cruelty!


It's pinklady1218:heart_eyes:, and no I'm not in another club


That is so cool. So... Do u what to join the club @chickenlord1501???


sure, Beating animals.., i mean beating animals in games is fun. However my account has been suspended for quite some time, I dont currently own a device on which hopscotch is currently applicable wiith


Oh @chickenlord1501 that is sad.


its ok, ive already moved on to way more advanced stuff than that. Hopscotch is for kids, and I am on the verge of not being one.


Yeah, but I really like hopscotch anyway!!!!!!!!


ha, hopscotch is ok. Its fun untill you get really complex, Basically the drag and drop is simply easy, so its easy to make stuff move, but then you get into all sorts of more complex things and you end up having a really hard time making things do stuff. Its made to be easy for begginers, and insanely hard if you want to, lets say make a 3d game or multiple worlds, and so on. Its an ok place to start (personally c++ is the best) but if you want to get into more complex things, using drag and drops wont cut it kid.