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I believe it was a URL onebox


Something weird has happened beyond my comprehension. The game I made a while back now lags horribly on the same device. Why is this? Can anyone test it to see if it’s not only me?


Oof it said Lag Detected repeatedly for me, I’m on the same device I was on before too.

Didn’t actually lag tho.


Ye that happens, and some effects have been disabled, and the animations are laggy right?


I didn’t try effects but the Tap To Begin text kept glitching out and nothing was actually really laggy.


So when u started the game and actually shot the arrows, I didn’t look laggy? Not even the cover animation for the menu?


Nope, didn’t look laggy.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting


It’s a link with an image as the link text. Since it is in a profile, system didn’t edit it to be an image on the forum and so it gets the image from another website.


Performance in general. Drawing Pad X tutorial doesn’t disappear after restart for me any more like it should


That reminds me that i found a new way to detect restarts. I forget what it was, I think it had something to do with sizes of objects.


Cool, nice work there, tag me when finished


Yeah. With my Terraria game, it was really smooth, maybe 70fps, then I came back a week later and it must have been about 2fps. I was really confused.


Same with all my projects actually. Everything is a lot laggier and Petrichor’s cloud jumper is destroyed.


Interesting. What has THT done?


I dunno but it is infuriating because I keep getting whitescreened with only a couple hundred clones. Then I have to go out of the project, back in again and sometimes it still doesn’t work. Sometimes it took 20 seconds for it to actually realise I had changed some code when I pressed Play and then it adjusted.


It says it detect lag.

It seems like THT did something that changed how the player works, since my trail art project too has started behaving weirdly. Not randomly, but consequently in another way.



And most of the time it doesn’t work then. It’s supposed to restrict the game and request a restart only if your playing it for the first time, but since the FPS dipped now across hopscotch, it assumes it’s first time played. Eventually it works, but lags a lot. When did this first start happening?


Seems that they did the opposite of what I was hoping for (performance improvement update)


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