Petrichor I (Am‮(



I have never heard of the game


Ah, will bring up a nice link in about 37 seconds



Oh yeah!
It’s odd…
Idk why it was in features


Ofc it’s odd, -1 is a odd number


go ahead and tag me :shrug: idc


Me too
It’s because we haccinto moderation


A secret hopscotch-curators?


No, it was


I can see why Tim Cook wants to meet you

You can shape the future of Apple even!


Mr. Steve Jobs called me the other day and we hadd lunch


@t1_hopscotch hey! Happy to see you on! How have you been?


Hi @t1_hopscotch!!


Whoa t1 is back?? Dude it’s been forever hiiiiiii t1 how’ve you beeenn??


Hi :DD I’m doing okay thanks :blush: I just came on to see new leaders, which I’m glad to hear about :heart: How are you guys going?


*also I’m not an intern or curator. :smiley: I needed a break from forum to be honest, my second experience moderating was too emotionally exhausting for me.


Did you know that Liza was also seen on February 4th?


We’re managing ok at the moment, the new leaders haven’t been around for a while and i hope they clean up this place a LOT, because before Ana came, this place was slightly trashy and there was a lot of spam and other things. I’m kinda happy they reintroduced them back into the picture, cause they help A LOT


Wow hello! I haven’t seen you in a while!
Nice to see you again!


How do you have an image with a link in your bio?