Petrichor I (Am‮(



Such a amazing bio you have!!! :clap::clap:


Why thank you what a kind compliment you have begiven me
Really too kind -1 is very thankful for your graciousness


-1 is my favorite whole number


Mine to, a jolly good one at that -1 is much obliged


What a jolly o fellow he is


What a jolly good offer @PandaS has made me
What a deal
Too good to be true


What was this offer? :00


So, what exactly is -1?


We get to tag them in all of our posts the offer is
And we took up on that offer


It’s not what
It’s who

The one who rules the universe is here


Okie dokie @PandaS


wassup guys


So okay
Wait what
-1 is a hoax


I have not heard of such words, “hoax”
Does though speaketh a strange language unbeknownst to me?


Idk @JonnyGamer kept making me tag you


Uh, hoax
Scam, that thing


Yes it is a jolly good task thank you


jolly good indeed


Are you ridiculing our oneness of -1 ?
Have you not played The Game?


No problem, i couldn’t do less really