Petrichor I (Am)



Ahoy I am back very nearly as well


Wow you took very long time, neatly though


Yes my be right back turn out to be a very soon project that turned into 5 hours of something


Well that’s ok, how are you?


I am doing quite splendid going to be learning oops brb


Aw ok I’ll be here for a while


I am back to stay for a given amount of time


Are you sneaking around in pms
Or Lounges


Lounges obviously uwu, pms aren’t real on here silly


One time I visited a lounge
But that was when I was regular for that very short period of my time on here too very short oh well


Update your bio. It should say -1 is ruling this world @0-1 instead of has come to


Yes will make a very good bio change well needed @0-1


I need teachings of -1 to add to bot info


What a sad sad time


The saddest of sad times


Rats I broke my bio does anything show up for you?

Yes will upload teachings onto single document


Yes quite right so sad
I am now lugubriously sad


Try removing the last two lines for now. Line breaks cause issues sometimes


Oke will do


Done and done
Very fabulous -1