Petrichor I (Am‮(





Lol but of course


Petrinewest: Petrending but with 25 times s many links, and it comes from newest


hmm… ok? most don’t have previews…

teach me more about -1 so I can better incorporate facts into the bot :robot:


That’s the forum.

About 14 pages of newest:
Total project count: 504
Total likes: 273
Average likes per project:0


About 29 pages:
Total project count: 1044
Total likes: 790
Average likes per project:0
I’m noticing a pattern with average likes per project.


ONly about 9 pages of trending. Possibly all there is.
Total project count: 317
Total likes: 1892
Average likes per project:5


3 replies


Around 14 pages of featured, possibly all there is.
Total project count: 492
Total likes: 320080
Average likes per project:650

Huge increase in average likes.


Remember when average likes per feature was in the 2000’s


The old times were the best :((


Yes quite right
I want to make a hopscotch quadtree




It would make collision detection super fast


That sounds superb :000


Dust simulator 2020
I want to learn how Coan did it
With quadtree magic I bet


No one has used the word quadtree in forum history
This is a historical momentous occasion


I bet nobody’s said the word daeHvTcitsacraS


You would be correct, another momentous occasion
Wow this is incredible something unforeseen


How many words can we say that haven’t been said