Petrichor I (Am)



Yeah, what Petrichor said.
PMs are disabled. I think only mods can create PMs, but they don’t


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What do you mean? You tried all 3?


All 3 of what may I ask?


Wait what do you mean metadata blackage?


Ok just wondering if it was a mod or TL4 thing… because mods do that sometimes


So this used to work:
But now it crashes. As do other online viewers


You missed the big event, go check the announcements tab!


The question is, did THT do something to terminate its acces from an iThingy or am I just special?


Where is the announcements tab?


Umm… if that no work, u try copy da file out to 'nother source 1st?


You tried all 3 files? I don’t think so.


Which other source do you mean? I’m trying to do it without a computer


Oh my gosh lol. @FearlessPhoenix you are a leader on the forum!?


Lol yeah.



I was surprised myself


Lol yeah, and confused. Thought they weren’t adding new leaders xD


The forum updated today.



Wait why can u see the wrench and stuff?
You’re not Leader


Have you heard of


Can’t see/access that

What is it?