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I don’t even got a computer lol I’m noob


Meh it takes somewhere from 30sec-60sec too load. Not too sure.

Just a little tedious to code, but it’s okay lol/


Unfortunately, not as far as I know. But it is very useful for debugging things w/o screenshot




Hiii Jonny hru dude it’s been a while


Zane I just gave you like 500 likes from my main acc and another 500 or smth from alts ur welcomeee


Wait regulars get over 500 likes?!


No I spamliked him (200ish) 7 hrs ago, got them back comepletly a while ago, and used up all of my 300ish on him again haha
I’m nice that way


Pretty swell hanging around how are you?


Hi @Petrichor
Even tho I feel like you h a t e me, can I have some help with code?
So there are spaces in my pixel art, and I don’t want to change the way but if I don’t put a move forward 5 or so the pixels are blended together


There is this one method my bro used…


I don’t. :slight_smile:

Unless you add a thinner border around the pixels, or resize the project And use pixels with a width of one (I’d only recommend for larger pixel arts. Smaller ones get blurred together) you can’t remove them and still have all pixels the same size. So without slightly changing your method to include a border, the pixels will have to keep the spaces.


Ok, I resizes it for a width of one, for a 50 x 50 pixel art


Okay. That should work, do you know how to change the stage size of a project?


Stage size?
Lol I don’t even know what that means


It’s the width and height of your project.

If you can’t do this, find a way to open the .hopscotch file in a text editor on your ithingy. Find it by tapping “… browse” or something similar in the menu that appears when you try to upload something. It appears when you upload pictures to this forum, for example. Locate the “stageSize” part of the text. It is usually near the top or the bottom, but since the order doesn’t matter could be anywhere. It should look something like this: "stageSize":{"height":768,"width":1024}. Change the properties to something like this: "stageSize":{"height":100,"width":75}. Be sure to put at least one object in the very bottom left corner, so you can still access your code in the app.


Continuing the discussion from Where did trending go?: Wip is for projects that are works in progress, or small projects that just show some simple concept. I cannot find the project by The Hopscotch Team right now, but here’s a topic about it.


It was both me and @babybutterfly.

I totally predicted someone’d post after system.




whAT kind of a last post was that tho?
Great rubber ducko