Petrichor I (Am)



Wow! Really? How would you do it that quickly?


I figured out a way to make it quickly.


Keep trying! Took me about 50 tries with E-Pad originally

I used a modified parameter through JSON
Please do not claim this as a bug, it is unobtainable in normal circumstances


How big is it? There’s a limit on either 3 or 10, can’t remember, MB to publish.


@Petrichor, is this you?


idk if I said it here, but just keep trying. It took me at least 50 tries to get E-pad through initially

Edit: here it is


7.8mb and 9.7mb :flushed:
It’s 3? I remembered 5 but wasn’t sure, 3 sound so more likely anyway.


Hey Zane how are you?


Hi Fea you’re back on the forum!



Nah I’m not just for today then I’m prob outta here forever.
If anything at all I’ll post on Petrichors bday wishing him


Good, how are you? :slight_smile:


I’m fine
What’ve u been up too? Other than the fast pixel arts and stuff


I’ve been making a few games on the app.


Oh fun.

What kind of games?


Mostly games that have a similar concept to the geometry dash tutorial but then have a completely new concept too.


Sounds fun can’t wait to play ig


Using computer code to create Hopscotch code. I can’t imagine anyone actually doing that :wink:


Yeah. The only person I’d think of being able to do it in the app is @dylan329.


@Awesome_E I was just looking at the Gonzalo Freeze project. Is it possible to freeze then unfreeze a project in response to some other action? That would be super useful.


Yeah hah Dylan’s gots a pretttyy sic thing he’s working on rn. Only thing is that’s it’s a bit slow (from what I know rn) and tedious to code (both partially from experience)

Oh shoot that reminds me sry Dylan I’ll get u that code