Petrichor I (Am‮(



Oh geez lol. That makes sense. Is it a newer device?


I’m not siren actually. I am pretty sure it’s a limit on the server though.


Is this what you just do all day



It’s not.

I spent most of my free time today’s & yesterday figuring out how to do it quickly though.


How much time a day do you spend coding? On the average


On the average for the past about five years? A few minutes.


How in the world do you make so much games?


Ive been doing it more lately.

Today and yesterday was like six or seven hours of pixel art


Oh gosh. I normally spend like a hour a week on coding sometimes. Should focus more on it tho


It’s up to you. I don’t normally do it this much on weekends.


You’re such a busy dude lol


Sometimes I have good weekends where I do a lot of coding. This weekend, I hardly did anything.


With my method on a good weekend I can do probably about 1,000 pixels a day


Only problem I see with this is that sometimes it turns out really blurry looking


If it’s really small. This is mainly intended for big ones.


But seriously, these pixel arts are really stunning.


If you ever want a pixel art just give me an image and I’ll make it for your account; I could use the practice.


That would be really nice of you, thanks, I’ll probably ask sometime :DD


Do this! (Without the pixelated watermarks)


Okay. Should be done tomorrow.