Petrichor I (Am)



We’ll have to talk to the principal and find out. It’s such a small school that they only have like one class per grade in middle school and high school.


Oh oof well good luck with that


@Randoms greetings puny mortal.

Fear me.


I will never fear @Petrichor child, I don’t honor Puny Mortals like my friends


This is what I’ve been trying to tell you for a while now


uwu owo owo uwu - means - to rent a rented man


idk anymore

uwu owo -means- borrow money


@Petrichor hi hi hi hi heyo


@Petrichor also I’d like to help u with ideas for those projects if u want


this is what I’m wondering about the image.


Billie Eilish.


who is dat


Great singer. Look her up


@A_Metalhead this is a completely new game, I made it completely from scratch a week or two ago.



@Petrichor I was talking about this. They’re really similar just your new version has the different modes and swiping instead of arrows.


@SarcasticTvHead @FearlessPhoenix have y’all seen the new ninjago yet?


No I’ve been busy, I’m waiting for all the episodes to come out


The last one came out 2nhours ago.


Ok nvm I’ll watch it when I get home with my sister

Did it all come out on Cartoon Network or is that Netflix or something


98% sure it’s on YouTube. Netflix only has up to s9