Petrichor I (Am)



Wow. Really cool and straightforward/intuitive! If you want people to use this to draw, you need to cut down on lag or add segments to the pen…


Segments? What do you mean by that?


Maybe width or something?

But don’t you already have a width thing in that?..


For @Petrichor:

Conpany owner: Petty The Great (aka Petrichor) - Name from Sofi


Like line segments. When you draw relatively fast, the lines loose curves and become all straight and thus give a choppy image…

lol I didn’t want to remix this and keep it on my profile so uhh here
Also wut


Yo, people, anyone who remembers/knows who Maltese is, go compliment her on her GT. Thank you.


Exactly. Very good idea.

lol I just did that before I saw this haha


I know you did, and that’s good because she gets lonely. I tried striking up a conversation with her on discord, but somehow she didn’t realize my…um…conservative views on LGBTQ+


Yeah. Fea asked me too and I’ve also been wanting to just generally talk to her because she’s one of my top 3 fav hsers and I didn’t know how to go about doing it so,…, yeah that happened

Yeah heh. Even after that me and Fea are still friends with you. Did Malty not wanna talk to you because of that?


Just talk to her. Trust me, she’ll take three oppurtubity or talking back.

Yeah, I have no idea how Fearless and I are friends. KayKat and I barely make it sometimes.
And yeah, Malty will still talk to me, but she was talking on discord about some irl things that had to do with LGBT…so yeah. She was just kinda venting and I think she shut the vent.

I just find it hard to believe that she didn’t realize that. I actually think she knew at one point and had just forgotten.



You’re probably friends because you’re both amazing I guess.
Oh oooff. I hope she felt better after that tho…

People forget stuff or just remember to forget what they don’t want pressing on them.
Maybe that’s also why you and Fea and you and Katie are friends – because you sometimes remember to forget your differences.


Also, I became friends with my very early friends on the forum before I really made my conservative viewpoint known. Like, when I became friends with Fearless and Katie, I reckon they knew I was a Christian, but they didn’t know that I don’t support abortion, LGBT, etc. So having a friendship before all that helped.


Yeah I guess

Do you support people who are Igbt and respect that?


I mean, I support them as a loving and beautiful human being, of course. But I don’t support their choice to be something other than what they are created.
And I try to respect them. I’m obviously not going to encourage anything but for the sake of peace on the forum, I’m not going to follow them around all the time telling them what they do is wrong (even if I believe so). I don’t have a problem with using they/them/their pronouns, and that’s actually what I prefer to use if a person is trans because I don’t want to call them by their preferred pronouns and I don’t want to offend them. I reckon they is always a good choice if you don’t know.




I see that :joy:
And hey, I’m good as long as neither side starts trying to force stuff down the other’s throat.


Yup yup Same here

I’m not good at keeping my cool and not being awkward in scenarios like this so uhh topic change?


Sure. I’m going back to the school I went to in 6th grade for high school. The only hard part is I may have to repeat some classes that I’m taking this year. I’m just really hoping that I don’t have to retake Algebra 1. I wouldn’t mind retaking Physical Science because there is always more science to learn. And they don’t take Spanish 1 until 10th grade so I definitely won’t be retaking it this year, but I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be in Spanish 2 for my freshman year or if I’ll have to wait until my junior year.

Sorry, gtg finish vocabulary homework.


Oh cool!

Aww man I hope you don’t have to retake classes – it really socks.
Maybe your guidance counselor or principal or whatever will make exceptions for you because you moved and have already done that and put you in higher, harder classes.

Aww oof okay cya later