Petrichor I (Am)



Don’t get trolled by click rejection, you can actually open this link by tapping it really quickly


I know this is completely random + irrelevant atm, but how is knowing your height like knowing your name, @Petrichor?


insert dramatic music
You… you… just think of me as…


You made a good comeback


That is covered in dust wow


Do you just build LEGO sets and never touch them again


Your room is really nice


“Well in that case I’d be obliged to tell her, would I not, @Petrichor? I could tell her both but not unless you were fine with it ig” -fp




Yes very intense.



“Nah that was autocorrect and then I forgot to fix it. Sorry.
Hmm who says I don’t? What if I do?” -fp

“Jk bro. Wbf or something? We can use the old one.” -fp


“Smh you and your notifs should honestly be the next big hs ship or something. But sure” -fp


Wait why won’t system let me quote you, @Petrichor?



I can’t quote you

Edit: nvm it actually let me this time. Why is that happening?


Lol that’s the best


@Petrichor i challenge you to your own game >:DDD


Turns out I’m bouyant


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To add, use this but keep the parameter key, and set the block type to 125 and the parameter type to 52