Petrichor I (Am)



oh good.
conflict is gone now :+1:


…but I did third it…


I don’t know how it refreshes, it’s probably in the other two files.


@Petrichor I tried deleting each one on its own, but it erases my profile from the app so I have to log back in.


Yes, the metadata stores your account. You can’t delete them.


@Petrichor But the other 2 do say that the time they were modified was when I was last on hopscotch, but the important third one doesn’t update. Do you know why this one doesn’t refresh?

And why do you think Twisty Arrow got reported?


I think it’s an apple thing, I’m pretty sure it’s a core data database or whatever, and those two store the most data. I’m not sure how it works. I reinstalled Hopscotch once and the metadata updated accounts when I logged into another. I didn’t check immediately though.

Someone has been reporting featured projects for a while now.


Seriously? And that automatically “disables” them?

I think that the metadata updates after a certain period of time, but I will keep searching for any factors.


It’s a byte array, probably for a bplist.

It wouldn’t work. When you’re on later, whiteboard?

The projects? Yes.

Find zauthtoken and zaccountid in zaccount. You can create a perfectly updated link to check these things. I think, i May be be wrong actually. I’ll check.


Nevermind, you need another number too.


Which one is needed too?


The three main ones and the api token, which isn’t in metadata.

I, j


Thank you



@Petrichor I need some help


Ok, let me know when we’re both on.


Why not? I know it is like editing in a custom image and others wouldn’t be able to see it, but whe not locally?
nvm I know why


Thank you for the shoutout! :smile:


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Yeah, the iPad thing is vaguely based off of that iPad trend from 2014, and the pc thing I’ve been thinking about for a while.


Feel free to use Resizeable Window code with credit, though you probably won’t need that


That’s the most logical reason for an action that I’ve heard in my whole life.