Petrichor I (Am)



Nvm he’s not suspended anymore


But yeah I know this is a prank


Why were you suspended?
I’m guessing because you were hiding people’s topics? And nobody could access them? And nobody likes that?


He’s not banned it’s just a prank he’s probably going on a trip


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@Petrichor I have completed your challenge. It was easy because I do it all the time.


Continuing the discussion from Suggestions to improve hopscotch: I use the api.


Oh cool.

Do you have a link to a specific thing you use to get into it or something?


There’s an api endpoint thingy that is accessed every time you open the app, which has lots of information including follower of the account you’re logged into.



Hahah idk what to sayfearsahiysless idiyaknthlangthmanfmauodeeadeatuageisowllfk


What is the API thing you mentioned?


Whenever you open the app, there’s an endpoint thingy like a whole bunch of other stuff which is mainly the account details (the user and account ids plus the auth token) which has stuff like follower count, draft count, and more.


Pppppp p p p p ppP Petrichor


I know the app uses these URLs, but how do you find them


I use an app called Charles or something like that




Why @Petrichor why


@pinkcupcake8 went into hiding from me


oh my hamill, you’re the reason pink left!?!!
now there’s conflict in Kayro’s mind


No, I was tying to find Pink and Australia misinterpreted it