Petrichor I (Am)



no actually, it was bc of something else in fact.


Yeah i understand



hey u ok there tv,?


hey there @A_Metalhead can thy give me thy link to the wb?


Yeah, are you okay?


You know A_Metalhead can’t access this topic, right?


oof nvm then bye;,


oh hello


Ohh heyyy Jonny.

It’s been a really long time since we’ve talked. You prob don’t remember me anyway lol


Hey how’s it going? Sorry I haven’t been on lately I’m at a mall


Sneaky sneak
One of these is a scene from an upcoming film about the prophecy of the massacre of 2019


gASP?!?!? woAHhhh

im definitely not scrolling and being weird


Otherwise my wifi at home bans the forum and my wifi IP is banned by THT so it’s hard to get on here


It’s fine. I’m okayish.

How are you?

Oh fun.


thats amazing, can we get a grammy?


jONNy!!! i miSs u!! lol


@Petrichor can you post those el picturos on the hyperpad please thanks a whole bunch!


Hey Jordan miss you guys too! hHow have you been?


pretty good, blast left… school is good and like i said before, i moved :pp


Is it just me or does that guy look like a mix of Overlord, Garmadon and the golden ninja?

It’s prob just me