Petrichor I (Am)



pretty good if i do say so myself lol

what about you?



Im basically the same as yesterday.


oh so you’re pretty sad?

oof lol


that helps a british too


ba dum tssss



Oh fun 6 left.

Hehe that was autocorrect.


so yeah,

oof today im outta conversation topics lolazo.


I never have convo topics.

6 cc why diD you have to lEave?


the thing is its harder to for me to come up w/ anything when im talking and watching youtube lol,


I’m watching YouTube too, cool.

What r you watchin?


im watching about watch dogs 1 vs watch dogs 2 if you ever heard any of those games lol.


I have both of them lol.
You really don’t know anything about me wowza


well think about it, this is like my 3rd convo with you how am i supposed to? lol.


Yeah ik. Tho we’ve talked more than that I think.

Not. Really. Helping?
#SomebodySomeone #KoRn #Lyrics #rnplzzz #couldntbemoretrue


right but we never share too much info, unless you stalk my convos with others lol.

how much do u know about me?


That is what I’m doing right now.
Well, that and lounging under a giant tree.


I stalk a lot of topics.

I know your age (I think), I know how much you h 8 impersonation, I’ve seen your … interactions… with people if they impersonate you or jokingly draw something in your style or say ‘lolazo’ or something, I’ve seen you get bad, I’ve seen you happy, well, you get the point.


Sorry I wanted to see if it really was him


idc for lolazo actually, i only care when ppl impersonate actually.

you dont know as much lol.


Okay, then is this a good time to say (quote)?


Okey well you did get mad at Rex for saying it I think.

@CoderOfMagic cts is prob just not on. I don’t think they’d ever ignore you bro.
I do care. That’s why I made 6 go nominate it and why I seconded it.
Like I told apricity, cry if you want cuz sometimes just getting it all out helps.

We are all alone together.
You are not trash.
Leave if that’s what you think is best for you.

@apricity you can’t second it you have to third it. I already seconded it haha