Petrichor I (Am)



COAN has a dog too!


@CreationsOfaNoob got married, too…XD


Wait… YOU are COANS Wife!!









@creationSofaNoob why wasn’t I invited to your wedding I thought I was your bestest friend ever


Umm, yeah. The catch is that I wasn’t invited either. I don’t really know when it happened but I got a huge bill for it.


Oh that makes sense.


@PetRichor, how many pets do you have again? Millions?




I have no pets, but if you include puny mortals, which some do, I have billions


Wow you didn’t actually watch peppa pig for 82828282 hours!


My sister saw your comment about getting distracted and watching peppa pig and she just laughed and asked how old you were I told her you were 14 and she said she understood why I thought you were so A W E S O M E


I’m in a odd mood :pensive:


I was gonna ask to whiteboard but you have no time for me anymore lol so I’ll just sit here being bored for 2 more hours


That’s one of my favorite ones
The gym with Mr. Potato is even better


Yeah I’m not gonna watch that


The fact that little kids shows scare me half to d.eath is one reason why