Petrichor I (Am)



I’m saying I’m a too slow reader and I need it to be slower for slow reader tv :(((


@SarcasticTvHead look it’s beautiful

Your drawing after getting eyebrows removed


Yep lol


Any remixes besides mine


I’ll be on later 8-9 my time bye :)))


Amazing! Maybe you should have given the texts a little more time to display, but other than that, it is really helpful! Have you submitted it here:



Oh my, tht are very excited about this aren’t they.


IKR it’s annoying


You got a lot more than me tho


It’s making my notifications bar weird too, the worlds are cut off when they shouldn’t


I got a lot


Idk what to do im bored and idk what to do i cant speak correct english


Random words random stuff eating cheese yellow


Oh by the way game Changers was updated




I actually had no clue u were on hhh


I also think Tf is mad at me cause I hang out with you a lot and shes jelly that you’re more fabulous than her


What’s this for


After many months of searching and studying, I have finally solved one of Hopscotch’s greatest mysteries: Jeremy Jimeno.
He’s just the first guy, in early 2013, to make a project called testing.

The date on the project is interesting, which means that drafts were always uploaded to the Hopscotch servers.

While investigating Jeremy, I learned that all older projects are automatically updated to a newer version of Hopscotch when edited.


The real question is who is he