Petrichor I (Am‮(



Oh good! I'm really small compared to everyone here. Mabye or maybe not! Woah.


Hi drawer
Hi overlord two (@Petrichor)


WAIT UR 14?!?!??!!!!!! omg im soooooo young


I'm not even a teen yet (I'm a pre teen tho). How are you younger than that?


Cause I am.
@Refugeecat123 also I'm not 13 hahaha


Hoi @TheDrawer!
Could you come to my genral topic?!


@TheDrawer you're top trending again.


WaT I don't understand trending


@DulcetDesolate good idea about the name. I totally didn't realize his clothes were green. I wonder if Jay would be winning and Lloyd would have no votes if they were blue?


And a month later I have five. No idea how, but I do.


Woah! I, thought you had six. You should have six, or seven, or ten, or fifteen, or seventy nine.


What should the sixth be?


Idk, are you working on any games?


Yes. I am.


@BlastFusion I modified your Dino Animations project to have no slashes.


Nice, what are they?
Also you have a fan!


A game using Lloyd. At least, so far most of the votes are for Lloyd and none are for Jay. And do you mean this?



And yes, yes I do.
That's a nice fan by the way.


Are you that person who WAS named EverlastingWaffle? Or is it someone else?