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Are you sure you wanted to make this a wiki? Like, really sure? You know how joke edits are…

And now an important announcement brought to you by 014 Productions.

SAVE TE JEFFERY FISHES! These once in a life time rarities are the top speciesism of the endangered animals, alongside he Volkswagen! A simple donation of 7 Grand in BitCoin crypto currency, or maybe the CosbyCoin will do the trick!! Then, life long comfort will be applied to the JEFFRY FISH! MUCH WORTH IT!! FULL GROWN NOW!!! Don’t forget to check for the indegenious originatin on JEFFRYland!! They come out this time of the year!!

yeet fish -1

And now an importanter announcement brought to you by CatWithASweetTooth.

Cats can like pancakes.


Shoutout to… @UnicornRainbow @Hopscotcher

Hello. Why did you put this on global edit if people can put themselves as shoutouts lol? - CoM
True lol @CoderOfMagic - tankt2016

The 2017 Kids Hopscotch's Choice Awards! (Nominees) [CLOSED SO GO ON THE RESULTS TOPIC ON POST 848]

Hi. Wassup? :sunglasses:


Ummm, uuuhhhh, POTATO!


Hi! Just so you know these can be closed, just a heads up. I know this because it happened to me! Everyone still does these.





Love your profile pic!

Is Zane your favorite? He's mine :DDD


What would you add to HS?




I would add "and" and "or" GOR when blocks. So you could say when pine+Apple=pineapple AND :pig_nose: Is being pressed


@Madi_Hopscotch_ here are screen shots for the thanksgiving game.



I just learned I started (publishing on) HS at about Thursday, Jube 12, 2014. Siri is so useful.


Putting this here so I doughnut forget about it.


@Madi_Hopscotch_ here are recent ones

It is so much better

The only thing I won't show is the main screen with the play button. Snd everything but this really :p


Why did I create mr. Egg? Now he's my wallpaper...


going to do this


The last post on the forum is 8 minutes ago... wow!


Hiya nin
Also revive


Hi. Yesterday I tested something here but deleted it.


I would add arrays. We need arrays more, in my opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah. That was before I figured out that it is extremely simple to get around that.