PETITION! Remove this word from the filter!



Hey guys! I have a few things to talk about, but mainly I want everyone to consider this.

The word g a y should be removed from the filter.

I know it can be used as an insult (why would one use love as an insult, i don't know) but should it really be blocked? I doubt it would be used often anyways, but this is just something I wanted to bring up. Please reply if you think it should or shoudn't be. @Lisa

I made a new account.

So, I made an account called LGBT Support. Look it up for more information! Sadly, the main project, which is a website, is currently stuck in the filter...

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I agree! However, I don't think THT can change the filter, only Discourse can.(I might be wrong, I'm not sure.)


I also agree (I know, I haven't added anything to the LGBT discussion), but I'm pretty sure there's just some filter code that THT provided the words for that can be removed. Discourse Meta doesn't have any word filters anyway.


Okay, that makes sense. Sorry!


I flatly disagree. Others feel differently, but I think there is no need for kids to know about this.

Hope this didn't sound rude, I didn't mean it too!


Gay also means to be happy.


I don't see what's wrong with children learning learning about love. It's not going to corrupt them or make them evil or anything. It's merely teaching them about love. If we can't tell them about LGBT marriage/love, why should we tell them about heterosexual marriage/love?


I'm with @codingCupcake123.

Muting now, I forgot to add the tag to the filter!


Okay, so can you explain why you dislike those who fit into LGBT+ spectrum? I don't think I understand why. I understand it goes against your religion, as I have read a few quotes. (Homosexual acts are an abomination to god 18:22, Women are not to wear mens clothing and vice versa, it is an abomination unto the Lord 22:5) but the Bible ALSO says to love everyone and not to judge them. I know many others use the bible to prove their point, and this is the only way I feel I can explain this.

@Rawrbear @codingCupcake123 @LGBT.Coder


You are officially invited to my sarcastic tea party. I'm coding an invitation as we speak. I really, really love and appreciate all of you sticking up for me. We could do a collab if you want.


Edit this and add more words if you want to.

Some examples of blocked words.

E l e m e n t a r y
"All e l e m e n t a r y school iPads will be taken away."

i P a d a w a y
"I'm going to take your i P a d a w a y!"

G a y
"Your projects are very g a y and boring."

A d d r e s s
"My a d d r e s s is 27 Happy Lane, Rainbow City, NR (New Rainbow).

F u d g e
"Can you draw f u d g e?"

F u
What does that mean?

Some words that should be blocked.

Git: An English insult used in England.
Stupid: Most people know this one.


Don't use g.ay in that terminology please.



I p a d away thing is weird but the gay is well I have seen some mean YouTube comets depicted towards ga.y so and so I don't think we should change its!


I'm just trying to show people what I think, and what I don't understand.


Do it. I definitely agree with everything you've said.


This makes no sense. I said I do not like what these people stand for, but I have accepted them and won't judge them. I have written that in many topics, and I even wrote a note to LGBT. Coder. I simply dislike the whole philosophy and I don't want Hopscotch to be full of this.


I've said it before. I'll say it again. We. Stand. For. Our. Rights. That's it! We stand for nothing but our equality! We stand for us being treated like human beings. That. Is. What. We. Stand. For. If you can't support us for WANTING TO BE TREATED THE SAME AS YOU ARE, you are the one who should stop what they're doing! It's not a philosophy, it's not a way of life, it's not a decision, it's the way we're born and we're fed up with being hated for it!


Yeah, but you guys are on Hopscotch. Make sure to keep stuff related, because Hopscotch is for coding, not for sharing this stuff.

EDIT: Just remember y'all, you guys are all awesome!


Ah, but you see, this is what I do on Hopscotch, so I'm going to talk about it on the forums.


Yeah, but g.ay can be used in a bad way.