Petition for PMs


Alright. So I've seen a TON of people talking about getting suspended over pms. Then I thought to myself: does it have to be this way? So I am going to make a petition for pms. The only answers will be yes or no, so if you're gonna say I dunno, don't bother doing the poll. So here's my question: Should pms be allowed? This poll will be public, by the way. Give me your honest opinion.

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.

@Zachyswag private message petition

First like and reply! I already have a poll...


What's pm?


PMs are private messages :wink:


Personal / Private Message :wink:


Private message :wink:
woah lots of winking


Idk yes


It stands for private message. It's basically just a private topic, but THT doesn't allow them.


Yes. Collabing will be easier.


I like how 10 of us answered @Explorer_'s question at the same time.


Thanks @ThePickle, @KVJ, @smishsmash, and @KarmicSans2


That was funny xD


If I get more than 80% yes after I get some more votes, I will tag THT to see if we can make this a thing.


Sorry for all the notifications :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't think they should be allowed, because anyone could say anything behind their backs and they wouldn't know it. It's also because THT can't moderate it because their busy with other stuff like fixing bugs, adding new features ect. so they would have to do lots of moderating. Again anyone would be allowed to say anything behind their backs without them knowing it. So, I think if they did allow PM some people(not everyone) could say anything or do anything without anyone knowing. :D


Would everyone like them if they were moderated?


You do have some good points... But maybe there could be a topic where you can request a pm, and THT can decide to let you have one or not.


Wait, should I make a petition?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What's that


Votes are public.


This would be a good idea...


Guys. THT said no. We have to respect that. :slight_smile: