Petition For A #Quotes Channel


As we know, more and more "Quote Projects" are popping up around Hopscotch. Some may find these annoying, as they are popping up in random channels, such as games. Because of this, I have came up with an idea. What if THT makes a #Quotes channel? They've done it with art, so why not quotes?

Users may find this useful, as they can come here for inspiration! Think about quitting Hopscotch? Just come to this tab to find tons of inspiring quotes, so maybe you won't quit Hopscotch. Sound like a good idea? Please sign your name below to let THT know!

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my soul has been summoned....




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@Liza! #quotes channel! Please consider the this!


I agree with u @seawolfwerehorse
I always publish things in the category that I think they should go in
There should be more categories though




Bump again!


nudges to tell @Paydent12 to please stop because it is a bit anoying


What is, bumping it?



Im dont see anything


@Anonymous did it all the time.


Petition Sign your name!



I cant edit it


Hmm thats weird.



Oh duh! I had to hit the ... button. Anyways, thanks for putting my name on there :smile:


lol no problem