Pet Gorilla Update Topic

Name of Project: Pet Gorilla
Link to the Project: Pet Gorilla (0.1.20i7) by .a
(The project may not be approved yet)
I will reply to this topic when I update the game and want to share information about it here.
(Note: Pet Gorilla may not support the web browser. You may have to load it in the Hopscotch app.)
I may hide secrets in this game, so look out for those!


New release: 0.1.20i7 (one day ago as of posting this)
-The gorilla texture has been changed to the HS gorilla due to something happening to the custom texture internally. I will work on this another time.
-Continued work on the “Backyard”, this will be explained in more detail later on. There may or may not be a way to access the Backyard early, and it may or may not be an unstable mess as of now… (The backyard is an unstable mess as of now). (Hint: “Time travel” back to the year HS was created!)
-Liked my own project so that I can see if it’s in the filter or not

There may be bugs. There will always be bugs. However, there may be more so since the game is still in Alpha. If you find any, state them here.

Feel free to talk about the update!


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