Pet Coding Topic!



@yogilc can u pwetty pwease tell ur sistur to come on oowowo


No, I didn’t. Maybe it was just a glitch?


Thank you! It’s alright. I understand how you were offended. Not everyone sees eye to eye with me on bugs.


Yeah maybe
Or there was some other word in the post that sent it into pending


I’m sorry, why is it offensive? I didn’t mean to offend anyone, but I don’t understand why people hate bugs so much!


Oh, my post was finally approved…but I don’t need it anymore…:no_mouth:


Don’t worry about the post, we have all forgotten about it now! Me and @tankt2016 are working on a surprise for all of you on this topic!


@tankt2016 should we carry on with the surprise on my GT


Big chubba


Drawing A Cat Gal For You All! Nearly Done!



Oh, yes! Finally, I’m allowed to post stuff on this topic without having to get it approved!


^^^^^ look what made the 5 Daily news article

I could grab 23 more


Happy squirrel


I am a Princess!!!


Any My Little Pony or cat memes, @tankt2016?


I’ve got like 40 cat ones
And this is the only good mlp meme I can find


Cute kitteh


Seriously look at number 20