Pet Coding Topic!



I luv all those photos. Did you get them of the internet? They Are like balls of cuteness! Awww


Yeah. I mean, we shouldn’t mistreat them, but some people see them as pests.
Especially cockroaches.




Yesh, I got them from the internet



:sob: :sob: :sob:…(etc)


Because animals are lower than us


No comment


Uh oh is Peta going to get me?


I don’t even know what that means

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Nonprofit organization


Oh ok…



At least, in the US we did.

I mean, I’m not against the thing about bugs, but if bugs got anti-cruelty laws, pest controllers would be out of work and people would have bugs roaming their houses, so…


I’m so sorry everyone…I don’t know how this offended you guys but I’m SO SO SORRY! Please tell me what offended you so that I never make that mistake again! I will edit that post right away…

I’M SO SORRY!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:!!! I’m literally crying!

Now I’m going to go edit my post…


@coolaid said “this post is a bit offensive” but thank you. I know they said they forgive me but I still feel really guilty.


No, I’m so sorry, you just shared your opinion and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Can we just stop this conversation? And maybe change to a different subject?
Have PSC (Permanently Sad Cat)


Yes, let’s please change the subject…but first, I think someone reported me or something because when I tried to post something it said that my post had to be approved! I got past the approving stage months ago!


Did you put the words ha.te or reli.gion in the post?
Those get the post in pending.


I really love my pets with a burning passion, but sadly coding is not something that makes sense to my small brain


And the whole forum does too
Especially Marzi


marzi is my darling baby I love him