Personal topic about my game (Astral) [Discussing about Part 2]


This topic will be used for discussion for my series, Astral.

Chapter 1: Pace
Astral v.1.0.0 (Initial release, with few bugs fixed in v.1.0.1)
Astral v.1.0.1 (The one that got Featured)

Chapter 2: Progress
Soon (Might be released Late February [February 15-29] or Early March [March 1-15])

Chapter 3•: ?

• Might not be made


Your game is AMAZING! I follow you because of it! It really reminds me of a game I have, called "Lifeline"!


Can I haz a link??


@AHappyCoder Here's all @kenlauescuadro has published so far: Astral


The game is goos! But if you go down the "What is that" path and then choose "Don't do it," nothing appears.
EDIT: Nvm I think it's a "To be continued"


Oh, what a coincidence! I based Astral with Lifeline, along with Abandoned World combined and I made this, so. Yeah!


if you played Uptown's version, there is the next part for the choice. Well, I guess glitches, gonna fix


Um.... I hope you like my game because sometimes, a player likes the BETA and doesn't like the official release (I am not offensing anyone, just a message, no one is being referred to)


Dude, your game is amazing!! You're definitely going to hit Featured with this one! :smile:


TBH, I am thinking that, but all of my games didn't hit Featured except one


You are a really great Hopscotcher! I love how you did the text incoming :grinning:


Where can you get Abandoned World???


I made Abandoned World as my series, not focused on it for now..... Scroll in my published projects and you will see it (sorry, can't give link)


When you get a moment, @kenlauescuadro, it would be interesting to me, if you have any things to share about what new code you had to come-up with to make your "Astral" game, what you've learned, what you think is especially cool or cleverly done in it. You know: usually, there's something that sets each project apart for us and makes it special and worthwhile. Some effect. Some way of speeding things up. Using a new loop structure. Maybe something new that you're doing with clones? Whatever the answer, I'm interested in what that might be for you in this project.


Um.... I can't understand you. Can you please simplify it? (sorry) - I will be glad to answer questions here that you ask


I think you may have answered the question.
I also think your game is going to be very nice! :slightly_smiling:


Is Abandoned World a movie??


Yeah, One of my projects I made a series but for now it is in a hiatus.


Individual, more endings!


Great that you're making progress. I can say little more than that, since I haven't seen a functional version of the code yet. So far, what I see is a very nice looking (opening?) screen.