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Okay, so, I've been seeing all of these "Hopscotch emails" that are supposed to be separate from your personal email, but, I do not think these are safe nor a good idea, because 1) people can track IP adresses, 2) they're messaging you personally, one on one, even if you're messaging with a group, that still means they have your email and can message just you 3) Hopscotch Team said that they didn't allow private messaging on the forum because the forum is to share info and help each other, so why keep the info to yourselves? I would like your opinion on this topic (whether it be for or against) and whether or not you agree


Well technically this is a poll:

  • Agree
  • Disagree



Again, good point.
If you see my collab tab topic, then this problem will be solved


Wait I forgot for inbetween:

  • Agree
  • N/A
  • Disagree



Collab? I'm intrested :open_mouth:


I'm not making a collab :stuck_out_tongue:
I'm taking about a topic with an idea I posted


@OrangeScent1 well, just collabs are fine, but you shouldn't be emailing the person unless you know them IRL or smth


Oh okay, I'll still check it out


When are you gonna be done with the 2015 thing??


Half an hour :grimacing:
Sorry, I've been procrastinating way too much, I've got it though :sweat_smile:


Ok. I don't expect you to finish the whole thing,


Email from THT 'bout this topic.

Hey Creative Coder,

Thanks so much for writing. This is a really good question that we've been thinking about, too.

We think it's SO cool that people are creating emails and production companies for Hopscotch.

Technically, it's against our guidelines because you're not supposed to share your email address But, on the other hand, these aren't people's personal emails and they don't contain personal information. Furthermore, one reason people are creating and sharing these email addresses is probably because they want to stay within our guidelines and not share their personal email.

So we might need to tweak our guidelines, to be something like "Do not share your personal email address" and then explain how to safely make a separate email for Hopscotch collaboration. What do you think?

Let us know!

Plus if people track IP numbers they can probably go to jail...