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So Today I Found Out The Dreaded News, My Favourite Teacher Is Leaving My School For Good. The Subject That He Teaches Is On Of Too That I Like About The School Day The Rest Are Boring Too Me.
But You May Be Wondering What Has This Got Anything To With Hopscotch. Well If You Think That It Not Right Please Don't Flag Just Call A Leder To Close.

Anyway My Maori Teacher Said That He's Leaving At The End Of The Week And That's Three Days Away. I Was Literally Crying When I Heard This News. But I Want To Do Something For Him As He Was My Favourite Teacher But I'm Not Sure What Thought. Any Ideas!!

If You Think This Is Unnecessary Please Don't Flag Just Call A Leader To Close

Thanks WinningMonkey

Hope I'm Allowed This



You should code a project for him! c:

That way, you can relate to hopscotch! :D

I'm so sorry to hear this! D:

Just be yourself and talk to him! Then you guys can exchange numbers or something, and you can call him when you feel like it! c:

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Same thing happened to me! We get a teacher that everyone in my class loved! But after around a month he said that he should leave the school and everyone in my class started to cry!


How about you keep in touch with him through email or post?
It'd be cool if you made a project for him :3


< sigh >
Last year apopular teacher from my school left. A girl from her class actually cried when we said good bye to her…