Personal info discussion


I am tired of people asking these two very annoying questions.

1: Whats your age?
2: Whats your gender?

DOES IT MATTER. It is one of my HS pet peeves so I will tell you my info.

I am (insert age here) and my gender is (insert gender here). Why would I need to tell you my personal info if I dont wanna?

An angry TGND


I can see how your angry! But you don't have to answer them. Just politely say, "sorry, I don't wanna share that."! Hope this helps :wink:


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Well said! :D

take notes

Bai now


The problem is then they assume I'm younger, and treat me different than they would treat another user.


So they assume you are 6, or something?


You don't have to share it just say I don't want to say but you don't have to get Really mad about it


Guys, I think she's upset because people keep asking her those questions. I'd probably be upset too, having to answer to that every time.


@TheGamerNextDoor15 it's okay to not answer that, and people might just be curious! Nothing will happen if you reveal those, because there are millions of girls, boys, 10 year olds, 8 year olds, 20 year olds, 12 year olds, ect, out there, that they can't find you by knowing you're a..I dunno, 10 year old girl.


Just because it's okay to share it does not mean she's comfortable sharing it. Nevertheless, you do have a point.


@EmmabugOnTheForum I wanted to make it clear so people don't report or something when someone asks for an age or gender.


Okay, good idea.
I see now.


I misread and thought it said "it's okay to answer that" rather than "it's okay to not answer that". Sorry.


It's up to you to answer :D I usually answer those type of questions, like I will answer
Country I Live In

Because it's hard to locate you even based on that. But it's good to keep ur personal deets secret


Still, if I don't want to, they need to repect that and not assume my age.


The reason why I get mad is because they persist on asking untill they give up and say I'm 6.


I don't really think that least not often. Do you mean on the forum?
Has it happened more than once?

Also, who cares what people think? It doesn't matter. Just keep on coding awesome projects. :smile:


Today I have to tell you something important. You have hurt a person's feelings. @UndertaleTacoz made a project coming out and saying she was biromantic and explained what that meant. Then you remixed it and said "Do you really need to be telling this to a bunch of STRANGERS?!" And hated on her. I think she deserves an apology from you.


I agree.

They must pick there nose a lot to ask what your age is.

Im putting that in the nicest way possible. It could be a 50 year old men trying to get personal info.



If she said that, that does not sound very nice, but um....that's kind of off-topic. Maybe move it, to, um, Talk To A Hopscotcher.
shuts eyes tight and hopes no one gets mad