Persevering and coding



Ok. So I know a lot of people on hopscotch at my school. I have tried helping a few of them, so they can then make projects themselves. The thing is, about a quarter of the way through the project, they just give up.

Why This Is Bad

If you give up on something, then you will never know what would have happened if you had not. You could've been featured, or put on game changers! If you give up, you won't even get a like. (Not that likes matter)

Ways To Persevere

You may be in the habit of giving up already. A good way to stop doing that is to spend a little time every day on your project. Working on it for a boatload of time could lead to stress, and probably giving up. I would work on it about 30 minutes a day so you can focus on other things too. The other way is to ask for help. Doing things alone can be stressful, and you may not know what to do. If you ask for help, then someone can show you how to do it or encourage you.

Helping Others Persevere.

You may know a few people in the habit of giving up. You can help them get out of that habit too! The best way of doing that is giving the person kind words of encouragement and helping them. That could lead to less stress on their side, and it would make it more fun for them!


A lot of people give up because all they wanted were followers and likes and popularity. The thing is, THESE DONT MATTER. As long as you love your project and know you worked really hard on it, that is great! You don't need to quit coding because you don't get noticed.

Not giving up could lead to great things, and that is my final word.

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Nice post! I would like to add on..
Many people quit over popularity. I personally think that popularity shouldn't be an issue. Sure, you want people to notice your projects, but overall, Hopscotch is for coding and having fun!

Anyways, great post! :thumbsup::ok_hand:


Good point! I will add that. :clap::grinning:


Nicely said! Five stars! ☆☆☆☆☆


Amazing! And popularity is why a lot of people leave Hopscotch. Some other people give up because they just started making a project they were incapable of at the time.


Great topic!