Persassy’s Cool Collab


I expect fan art and blue pancakes.
Solangelo is cute, so fan art of them is accepted too. Then maybe I will send them your art for Christmas if it’s cool enough.
The username is Persassy_Is_Cool. Ask me for the password.
Have fun, kiddos.


ehh sorry I only have waffles


We take blue waffles too
Really anything blue that’s not poisoned





Go to Leo for the tacos and he’ll explain everything


Is Leo chipotle then? I only take tacos from chipotle or taco bell


I dunno, he said he was buying tacos from somewhere idk where




I’m joining this collab I created myself yay


I would, but I don’t wanna fight a Minotaur

But I guess there aren’t any Minotaurs on the Argo are there


But fighting minotaurs are fun,
And we don’t have the Argo, we have the Argo 2


So rude
I’m making a Keefe fan club later, mark my words


that title ist :ok_hand:


I wouldn’t mind fighting a Minotaur. But I wouldn’t want to fight Luke.



can I be vice president


Making the topic right now


What’s this Keefe like


Keefe has good hair and is cool


Where can we meet up
Leo wants to know :thinking:


Idk dude he’s fighting bad guys rn