#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Don’t expect this to happen often, but I’m done early
My element was neon, my favorite element on the table. The concepts/characteristics I applied to my character were that neon, when under certain types of pressure, burn brightly in different colors in a beautiful show of light. It’s also extremely lightweight, and found floating around in the atmosphere.
So my character rounded out to be a dancer, hidden in a place where her light could shine. Someone hard to find, but a reward for spotting her is being able to see her beauty radiating off of her. The fact that she’s a dancer is basically surrounding the concept of neon being light, so she’s a graceful dance that all but flies when she moves.

You guys know the drill, don’t steal or save, thanks


That’s amazing!

I love the backstory!

I’ve barely started on mine!


And we periodically find more


This time I get it!


Oh god why


FAM that is beautiful
I love it sm
I can’t even

Why do u do dis QwQ


Sorry i lost one too many elements im not giving up this one


My drawing for #NAF (I hope it’s okay if I do silver)(I know I’m not in the club but I wanted to try for a honourable mention) So, I did silver. I decided to put some electricity around her because silver is a metal with the highest electrical conductivity.


(rip me)
@Serenity, can more than 1 person do the same element?


She said yesh but she would advise not to.




I wonder who is gonna do hydrogen if anyone does.


ok tysm guys im saved seriously


I might do 2, like have my character have a pet …
So maybe I could do hydrogen,



I’m planning on making Beryllium a parrot. (Gonna need to take classes from Fruity thou)


Sorry! I didn’t mean to make you worry about having to change your element!


I’m also going to do oxygen! Not hydrogen…


nonono it’s okay!!

It’s just that everyone’s taking the shiny elements, and my drawing has shiny arms :V


(Okay this is off topic, but since I was inactive who makes the official drawing topics?? We need one soooon)


(I think it’s LazyLizard)