#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



kicks down door aHEM

Carbon is the literal building block of all life?? Uhh without carbon we wouldn’t be here rn
Carbon can be made into both pencil lead and diamonds!! This carbon can do a lotta stuff!!
And the way carbon is formed, you can literally peel it layer by layer and make a two dimensional object im not kidding it’s been done by using scotch tape I’m p sure the guy won a Nobel prize for it


sorry I just can’t make up my mind and I need to start

bismuth or helium??

  • bismuth my dude
  • helium is snazzy

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and I mean helium’s a gas so


Ooh before I start did anyone do francium cause’ I’m doing that (probably yyy)


Am I allowed to join? Also could I maybe do cobalt or silver?


puts door back up
Well… it’s my opinion,
It was the first metal I thought of
I realize it is cool
Copper is worse
It’s just carbon


I know!! I’m just sayin carbon is cool it wasn’t rly directed at you or anything


Can I do like oxygen or something idk


Ok that was a joke I’m not doing oxygen


Tbh I want to do carbon just so I can slip in jokes like:

“Darn, carbon lump needs to be more like their siblings diamond and graphite.”
“I just think they need a little more pressure and refinement”

But then again…



Only the best


Is it ok if I do silver?


I think @WhiteFeathers is doing silver, and I’m not sure multiple people can do the same element ;;))))
You can do other elements like beryllium, and about 80 more

Are you in NAF? If not, then you can’t do the challenge, cause you must be in the art club! It’s easy to sign up! Just go to the topic of signups


Just started the wip,
I feel like mine is uncreative cause I’m making it too much like a human


Wait can I do, the element of suprise?



Oh. Ok. I might not join then.


I thought you were doing chromium?
Anyway, I’m sorry, but I was just saying and an element that I thought no one was doing,
Anyway, I’m not trying to be hypocritical
And I said I’m not sure whether you can do the same element as someone else, not that you flat out can’t.


Time to spill the beans,

I’m doing 3. Iridium, Chromium And Beryllium.


psst, @Chibimeringue

I shall intervene

the previous statement by DogWithAPen is untrue. those who are not in NaF may participate in the challenge, and are eligible for a prize deemed the “honorable mention” (which is in no way less prestigious than any other prize).

the only reason that there have been no honorable mention prizes lately is because there have been no entries for said prizes. feel free to do whatever you like! :D

also, to finally clarify on the elements question, there are 115 known elements, so variety is both possible and encouraged. but duplicate prompt interpretations are inevitable, so of course they will be allowed. :)

speculation is fine, but it would be beneficial to remember exactly who runs the show here :)))
I’m sorry I sound so passive-aggressive aaa



I worked my statement wrong :pp
I guess I should have stated that you can still do the contest but you may not be eligible for prizes besides honorable mentions ;))


Thank you so much,@Serenity! :slight_smile: