#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



I saw francium explode a bathtub and

tbh? Same.


What d’ya think of bismuth?


Gosh all these element puns all rock, but I wish I could do more rock puns. I mean I guess I shouldn’t take your amazing puns for granite either.


@XiaoMiaoMi I had to make this



i didnt get this at first and then it. Boom

instant fave, bookmarked,


im just gonna be real tho. if this is what you can whip up in that short amount of time? i am hyped to see your NaF piece :eyes:


Lol. :joy:
elements have feelings too…


hey dude



But I mean…
My naf piece is either going to never be drawn , or be drawn rushed
can’t wait to see yours!

@AmiiboTrash thanks dude
Are you going to do the challenge? Or are you not in naf.
If you aren’t you can sign up, if you want to… it’s ok if you dont


Probably not tbh but i like talking bout elements


Ok! I feel bad for clogging serenity’s topic with my replies
Elements are interesting
My fav element would be potassium


potassium makes you g o b a n a n a s


sodium makes you salty


Or does salt make you sodiumy?


Sodium chloride

bet you feel pretty salty.


Do you know any jokes about sodium?




My old science test
My teacher always puts puns on them!


just a few