#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Wow, I think I’ll experiment with my yellows
That is really good advice


I have 24 posts in this topic
I should stop now
backs away in corner. Runs off into the sunset


I really need to stop spam.ming this topic
I like to give advice, It’s fun, and I like to help people


oo, prismacolors blend really well? blending with yellow has always been specifically hard for me, so alas i might not be able to help you on the blending front DD:

gold is an orangey yellow, i think, that you could highlight with yellow.

on the color pallete front, well.

but uh, there are a ton ton ton of color palettes that incorporate gold. since gold is a precious metal in basically every civilization on earth, there’s special accompaniments for gold in lots of cultures too!!

this indian lehenga style clothing showcases how you can have shades of yellow, for example:

you have outfits like these, which showcase the way black and gold go together:

you have the popular red-gold patterns that are honestly seen in a lot of countries, not just china or east asia:

and who can forget the classic blue-gold combo of lapis lazuli?

you have tons of colors to choose from, really! just be careful to never blend your gold with purple or blue or green- since they’re complimentary colors, it’ll look brown. putting them next to each other is often gorgeous, but blending them is walking a fine fine line.


Ik this isnt my art club but what do you think is the most boring metal

If its boron then im going to laugh


I just bookmarked that, nice advice!
I am really using that, and seeing any combos I can use too
Thanks so much! :metal:t5:


You weren’t asking get me but,
I think it’s carbon
Sorry if you are doing carbon
It’s still really cool…


:cry:no one appreciates my chemistry jokes


You’re kinda wrong.

Carbon is awesome


Silver. I had no reaction.

honestly speaking, there’s literally no boring elements. they all are incredibly interesting one way or another :000



They all are interesting


All elements are cool in their own way
Carbon is great
But if I had to choose one it would be carbon


I mean have you heard of the isotropes of carbon???

Heck diamond is made from carbon!



carbon is what diamonds are made of, and carbon is the basic building block of life!

carbon starts off as your “basic build-a-compound set”, but it has a ton of usage :0000


I know, that’s the first one I thought of tho
Carbon is reallylllllluyyyyyydbdbdjskwkakkakakakakakakka cool


Look at graphene!


eeh, no shame in that.

i personally despise oxygen, for instance, because i’m going into chemistry next year and do not need this reaction stuff.

do i realize that oxygen is important? yes. would i still punch its discoverer (some french guy if i remember correctly) upon meeting him? yes.


Lol. oxygen is pretty annoying. But we couldn’t breathe without it…
I also really hate sulfur
It literally stinks



tbh im not really much of a fan of copper.

Yeah its important in cables and electronics but
In terms of reactivity its…boring?


gold: I’m used to make valuable jewelry!

carbon: I’m crucial to life!

helium: I’m a noble gas!

copper: i kill plankton


copper: yeah