#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



I drop my home iPad on the hard wood floor all the time for the last 2 or 3 years, and all it has is a little scratch
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Oof I was actually doodling this oc
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Hey, @naf , I’d like to start this month’s winners by saying I’m really happy with the reception that the #periodically challenge got from you all! It makes me really happy to see that you are inspired by the little prompts I come up with on the fly, and I think I’ve liked every single one of the 336 posts on this topic.


This month I’m cutting back on content in the Individual Comments because that’s what always takes me the longest, so I’m trying to get the winners posted as soon as possible. Obviously I’m still taking every aspect of each entry into consideration; the only difference is that less of my thought process will be shown. If you value the quality/quantity of my “criticism” more than my timeliness, let me know and I can give you a deeper analysis or make future comments longer again.

overused phrase of the month: “my dude”

Individual Comments

Dude73; Neon: I, , , love this backstory!! It’s beautiful and fitting, and really helps to contribute to her design. I’m also a tad jealous of your ability to choose contrasting colors and tools to make her really look like she’s glowing!

Chibimeringue; Silver: She looks like she could be part of the Sailor Moon crew! I love the outfit, though I’m a little confused with the neckline (how does it stay up?). Your style has done a lot of evolving, and I’m soupr impressed that you’ve been able to keep your signature chibi-ness through it all.

The color scheme, the pose, the detail, everything, the artistic liberties you’ve taken do so much to give the piece purpose. also, it looks cool.

ChickenGirl; Sulfur: Digital coloring is hard, and you’ve done better than anything I could come up with! I’ve also seen your later pieces this month, and you’re definitely improving in that department. Regarding Sulfur, I’m impressed with the way you were able to use lines just enough to give the woman shape while keeping the overall cloudy/mysterious feel. Good work!

lemony_gem12; Hydrogen and Neon: My dude, you’re improving! I love how you gave them battle characteristics that reflected their elements, and I especially love the outfit design. :D

Madsie05; Bromine: You’re improving too aaa I’m so proud ssfjwfhwjh
I can see your shading, your proportions are more accurate, and the piece overall has so much more character! I love the simplistic dress, and the “detached” idea is a good, unique way to showcase your style. Keep it up!

WhiteFeathers; Silver: Only when I started closely examining the piece to judge it did I realize the forearms were gone! That is to say, I’m complimenting your knowledge of proportions because the piece was so accurate that my brain edited in the missing parts perfectly! The sketchy grey-ness and the overall “goopy” texture really bring out the features of the element. Well done!

SweeTeaStuffz; Iodine: Regardless of how recent the style is, this piece is phenomenal. I’m in love with the texture you’ve put on the hair and clothing, and a tad jealous of it if I’m being honest. Your mastery of the digital art medium is incredible!

svmaddy26; Hydrogen: Is the whole thing…painted? That’s awesome; I don’t have nearly enough patience for paints. While the anatomy and shading could definitely be improved upon, the thought put into the piece is what really counts. Keep art-ing!

fruit4yum, Francium: ooh, trés chique! I love the aesthetic choices you’ve made here, not to mention how much you’ve improved on anatomy. Truly, the attention to detail you’ve put in the linework and the pop of color near the head make her feel very French, just like the element. Soupr well done!

photographer123; Helium and Bismuth: Your ability to give each piece you do a unique-but-still-trademark-you aesthetic makes me very jealous. I love the detail and coloring on bismuth, and helium, though it gives off a completely different vibe, somehow fits in as if the two differing elements are meant to be together. That’s a sign of a sure, confident style!

Famouspizza, Hydrogen: Looks like you’ve definitely taken the water-forming aspect of hydrogen into account when making your drawing. Did you know that there are special chemical bonds (called hydrogen bonds) that hold compounds together and pretty much account for all the water on earth? Anyway, the fox is adorable!

DogWithAPen; Mercury and Oxygen: I had always thought of mercury as a red element, since that’s what you see in a thermometer. Seeing this new perspective was really cool for me, as I wouldn’t have known these facts about the element had you not drawn her this way. I’m soupr impressed!

TappymLP; Gallium: stands up
turns around
walks out of room
slams door
wHY is that sO GOOD
I can’t get over the hair, and the fins, and the eyes, and the colors; it’s just absolutely amaze in every way! Congrats on a well-done art!

ilovechickens; Bromine: Woah, I love the gas-y effect! The arm, hair and face look really cool. It’s also pretty interesting that you and your sister both went for a cloudy aesthetic – you put fluff in the hair and ChickenGirl put fluff in the dress. I really like this, though; well done!

Autumn_Leaves; Argon: I’m vaguely familiar with argon because, as you know, Caesia is based on caesium, so her design actually includes an argon gas casing. It’s really interesting that you chose yellow for the color, since I used blue to indicate the gas. I also like that you designed the character with a reference sheet; it’s not a bad idea for any new OC. Great work!

Kayro; Beryllium and Chromium: The pirate theme actually makes sense, since both elements are very rare and very valuable. I love chromium’s design, and the rays of cosmic matter coming from beryllium really make it a unique design. Well done!

BluBerries; Hydrogen: I love this so much; I think it would make an awesome profile picture! The light color scheme and ghostly pose really accentuate the element’s nature. I especially love the way you used different shades and hues of grey to create variation in the design that really makes the character interesting. Very well done!

PartTimeFemale has pseudo-left the forum, but the effort to submit an entry is greatly appreciated.

CG75; Fluorine: Woah, her design is really well thought out! I love the inclusion of the ref sheet, and it makes me really happy to know that you’re still doodling her. What a great design!

yaygirls has also pseudo-left the forum and has asked not to be included in NaF announcements anymore, but the effort taken to submit an entry is greatly appreciated.

LavenderArts, Iron, Carbon, and Gold: I love the analogy to Mean Girls and the depth of each element’s personality traits! The metals seem like they would be great friends, and would probably have little trouble ruling the school, too. Well done!

PinkCupcake8; Tritium: yyAAAAAA it’s so mysterious OwO
It reminds me of a Rad Slime, but that’s probably just because of my slight obsession with Slime Rancher. I’m in love with the glow effect, as well as the general color choice and lighting skills. Your digital art prowess is awesome!

I’ve been making note of the elements that have been done, and it seems we have a wide variety of elements! Here are some statistics for you:

-This month we’ve received a total of 22 entries, with 9 sodium entries and 13 fluorine entries.
-We’ve also received our first two NaF entries for honorable mention! It’s great to see participation from outside of the organization.
-Hydrogen was by far the most-drawn element, with four people who chose to personify it. Silver, bromine, and neon also had multiple entries.

It was really hard to pick a fluorine winner this month, with so many members demonstrating their prowess with digital art effects. Shoutout to @SweeTeaStuffz, @photographer123, @TappymLP, and @BluBerries for making it to my final four!

Without further ado, here are the results!

The first ever NaF honorable mention prize goes to @Chibimeringue! This artist’s drawing of silver was incredibly detailed and well-thought-out, and her careful decision of which element to draw is definitely worth note. Congratulations!

This month’s members’ choice prize goes to @WhiteFeathers! Her silver piece has been described as “flawless,” and can now obtain the title of “prize-winning!” Keep up the good work!

Our sodium winner is @fruit4yum, whose drawing of francium made everyone’s jaw drop. The impeccable linework, pop of color, and creative choices have certainly shown the vast progress this artist has made since joining NaF. Beautiful work!

After much debate, the fluorine prize is awarded to @XiaoMiaoMi! After finally finding the time to finish an art, this artist’s work on a mysterious nihonium piece blew everyone away. The adept use of a limited-capability software to create the desired effects shows a certain artist’s touch that really drives the piece home. Very well done!

All persons who received a mention (including the final four fluorine artists) are entitled to one request, viable until it’s not. I’m also getting to work on previous winners’ requests and plan to get the next challenge out very soon!

Keep calm and keep art-ing,
— Serenity


Ayyyyy CoNGrAts dudos :DDD


This is a beautiful sentence.


Ah thank you so much!
This means so much to me, coming from you!

  1. Respect to you for doing all of that
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. Congratulations to everyone else!!!


thank u for the birthday shoutout!!! bummer i couldnt finish this challenge on time, maybe someday ill clean up that sketch lol

really impressed with the turnout of this month!!! good job everyone thats a wrap!!



everyone’s products, finished or unfinished, were so??? so polished so fancy so NICE ??? it’s an honor to win amongst everything in this talented crew :,D

thank you for the compliments, and also just. woah thank you for taking the time to give everyone comments, because WOW this takes time to do ? and your “on-the-fly” challenges are 500% fantastic?? thank you for hosting these, and thank you for all your words of praise and all of your tips and all of your direction !!!

im just nbkjnbgkbbvbmv hopefully i can do more challenges in the future , , looking forward to the next theme :000


STOMPS FOOT FIRMLY ON GROUND in a gentle fashion

hOLY! How do you write all of this? Your grammar was flawless, you used an extended vocabulary and just AHHHHHGG!! Writing this wouldn’t have been easy, huh? So don’t stress it — you should feel fine just writing as much as you want.

Thank you so much for my comment! hahaha
I think that, even though you made your individual comments shorter, they are still great. <3

Great job to everyone who completed they art work! This round was really great (((:


aaa y’all make me so happYyy

thanks so much for the compliments;; I’m so glad you appreciate my random fits of professionalism

as you know, the rest of my posts here are about as coherent as a potato on wheels sfhnecgohj


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it is a bit of old art, I agree with that. but tysm!! anybody could do that texture

it was a picture…

but I’m excited for the next challenge !!

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can ya draw this gal?


Okay first of all great job to everyone you did absolutely amazing
Okay second first of all thank you for putting in the effort of writing all that and also
Thank you so much! I feel so honored to have my art be complimented by you! I have so much fun doing these challenges! I wish I could say more but I gtg
Again tysm and gr8 job to everyone!


??? when will the next comp be???