#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Waiitt nonoe nominnated her
It was beautiful
I forgot to ;_;


Darn, I forgot to submit my picture. I’ll do it once I’m out of school

even though I got it done I’m still late -_-


I have metallic pens to draw this with… How perfect

Here we go… Iron, Carbon, and Gold in a modern sort of high school setting. (Mean girls inspired :000) I put the sketch of this on the drawing topic so it may seem familiar (but probably not XD)

Carbon is supposed to be the Queen bee sort of type. I made some sort of analogy that since diamonds are the hardest minerals, she would be the toughest and hardest to break. Also diamonds are usually the first mineral you think of when you think of jewelery, gems, etc. The diamond on her shirt should be pretty self explanatory lol.

Gold is supposed to be very flashy and pretty as well, but she’s much more fragile and dramatic. She’s calling someone on a super fancy phone and she’ supposed to be rich… very original, I know XD So yeah, I don’t have too much to explain for her.

Iron is supposed to be an athlete since the element is supposed to be good for your body and helps make it stronger. Her jersey has the atomic number on it. She’s confident and tough.

So yeah… here’s my entry. I finished this a week ago but somehow I manage to put it out now… -_-


AHHH I’m rly sorry for cutting so close to the deadline, , and the drawing isn’t even all that good ;;
I present to you


Tritium isn’t technically an element on the periodic table?? But uhh it’s an isotope found in many, and is commonly used to make things ~glowy~
I chose tritium so that I could draw a character that wasn’t limited to one colour, as many of the elements are.
I was aiming for beautiful yet scary??? I don’t feel like I captured that though, , one day I might redo this as an experiment
Anyways I don’t have any fancy great speech to make ;u; sorry for the disappointment

Had I not procrastinated on this so much it would have been so so so much better hhhhh I’m sorry

Here’s a version without the green glowy effect I rushed this morning

also two versions with different hair ;u; I couldn’t chooseeee


Wow! That’s amazing
I would want to run away from it, but also admire its beauty…
Nice light affect tho :ok_hand:t4:


Eee thank you so much!! I rly appreciate it ^^


I like all of the different styles/colors it’s amazing.


You’re welcome! ;))

I have no idea if this is too late…
But do I get a prize for winning naf challenge 3?
Do I get a request, or something like that?


I wanna nominate you but the poll’s already out :,)
The glowing effect coming out of her fingers is just amazing! \(☆o◎)/


I second that want.

It’s just so amazing!


I pounder the Same


@CG75 @DogWithAPen

Of course I’ll honor your prizes (yes, they are requests; I’ve said so when winners were announced)! I actually have about half a page of blank space right now, and was going to ask the Drawing Topic for pseudo-requests, but if you two have something for me, you’ll take priority.


Can you draw,
Drawing by @ChickenGirl
Aka my pro pic…


That’s cool ^^
Could you draw my oc (with a flower garland on her head (if possible and looks ok))

Aka my profile pic
With black pants and the brown vine boots thing
Here’s another reference (I DID NOT DRAW)



If it isn’t too late someone noMINATE THIS,


I wish it wasn’t late
But the poll is
alrdeay up


I was doing the entry on my school ipad (it was about halfway finished) but then the screen shattered (true story) from dropping it less than fIVE FEET off the ground, screen was upside. Anyways I’m not sure if they’re gonna repair it or replace it, and I don’t even have it on me, I have the line art for the drawing though, so I could try to redo it, although it won’t happen (probably)


I dropped it screen up to the ground less than 1 foot. And I picked it up and it was shattered

Wait when is this going to be done?


The top half was literally shattered lol

And entries are already due but ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Bottom for mine. Then none of the tech people believed me. They even emailed my parents saying, ur child was playing around with their iPad and it shattered, they stated ‘insert quote when I said it was one foot not 29’.

I can’t wait to see mine judged and criticized.