#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Well i started the first and ima use it as an exuse to not draw hands lol


he’s on vacation, but normally he goes to my school

we have this weird thing when whenever we see each other we do this wordless wave

and today I got an email from him saying he was on vacation in Taiwan so he wanted to make up for waves with a digital wave

so we’ve been emailing for a few hours and he says he wants to “reconnect” and ahh

like, talking over digital media is so easy when you know you’ll probably never meet the other person, but when you know what you say will affect your relationship in the reel life, it gets a lot more stressful.


Oh, wow
But at least you are now talking again!
Hopefully at school he will talk to you normally


That’s cute. (Right? Can I say that without offending you? Sometimes I can’t.)
It is very well detailed and designed.


I guess, during the literal two seconds that I see him every day.

He just sent a very-long-email and I’m at the same time really happy, confused, and nervous?? aaa

k i’ll get back on topic in my own topic now


Can anybody do these “NAF” challenges?


see other posts, but yep




Ah thank you!!! ^ x ^


//Will be updated with description and maybe coloured tomorrow ^^//
(I hate tyiping and it’s late so here is a simple lazy description)
Well I researched the colours - leads to yellows and pales
Highly toxic - ghosts
Images shows crystallised- powers
Humanoid- gas(the ghostly crystal thing at the bottom and the flowing hair and floating (wings)) liquid(the thing on her head and the straps of her dress) solid(crystals everywhere)




@Serenity here’s my entry

(Not for the art challenge! This is for the entry in the club)


??? why is it here then??? there’s a topic for applications.

EDIT: like, a literal topic


I know I filled it out and it wouldn’t lemme copy and paste the picture and I didn’t know where to put it…sorry



hey, @NaF members, it’s time for a poll! There were a few double nominations, so I lumped them all together.

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Please vote; no votes equals no prize issued. If you are one of the nominees, it’s fine to vote for yourself or for someone else, whatever you choose to do.

Thanks! I’m starting on the individual comments now.


Are you missing some people?


I think I had every post with nominations bookmarked. Did you find someone I didn’t catch?


Can I nominate @DogWithAPen?


I mean, I guess so, but since the poll is posted and there are voters I don’t think I can edit it anymore. I know it’s early, but I didn’t expect any more nominations between now and tomorrow. Take it as a lesson in timeliness, I guess??


I know this is super late, and I said I wasn’t able to do this, but here you go, a gold person:

The reason why she has the transparent collar and sleeves are because gold can be beaten out to be very thin. The reason why there are stars everywhere is because gold is thought to be from outer space, from stars. I hope you like it!