#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Bromine! An angry red-brown liquid that evaporates at room temperature. Hence, gas hair. I’m really cutting it close, aren’t I? I lost my phone so I literally had to draw and color this today after CG reminded me that this was due. Yeah.


you sure are
i vote kicking you out of the club :slight_smile:


Uh this is kinda late n stuff but here’s my entry, Argon.

Argon is a gas that is denser than air and is used in lightbulbs because it does not react with the electricity (lol my research is really bad) and keeps the filament from burning out. Caesium is an element that will combust in any gas except argon, so that’s why the dog is there.

(Sorry 4 bad lighting and proportions :((( )


oof nah mate i would nominate yours
It´s just that I try to hide my mistakes and it actually works


woah?? this is amazing. I absolutely love their design


I’m just suggesting an element for anyone to do.


It’s an interesting element but I’m sorry I’m out of this contest because I don’t have my iPad to do the art and I am not in the art club so yeah…


all these desiiigns are so gooooood

good luck to yall :000



aaa 5-ish days until nominations are due

feel free to take a little more time with entries since I’m notoriously slow with them, but I’d like to have a pretty good poll for the Members’ Choice prize so nominations are both welcome and encouraged.

good luuuck I’m glad this prompt was vaguely successful

also Happy Easter to those who celebrate




Okay it should be done at least tomorrow
Sorry it’s taking so long!


Good luck to you too!
I honestly have no idea who will win! They’re all so good


Happy Easter!
Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish ://


I did beryllium as a poster for a school project.

Beryl is actuallly mostly made of beryllium so that would look really cool.


I’m not sure if this is an actual website title but i think this is what I used for my school project



Here’s my entry (Beryllium and Chromium) I was in a pirate mood. And I took characteristics literally, brittle, lustrous, rare, that sort of thing.

Now why I did it like I did:
Beryllium has purple swirls, squiggles and spots around him because Beryllium is made from the nucleus being attacked by cosmic rays so I made magical cosmic rays. Beryllium is blue because I feel like blue parrots are much more rare like the actual element is.
Chromium is pretty silver and grey hence most of the grey pencil stuffs. The word chrome means color which also explains chromium’s atomic structure, this is why there are many different rainbowy colors! There is a lot of jewelry on Chromium because it is a very lusterous and ‘rich’. If I had explained more deeply on this pirate I would have said she has a French accent since Chromium was found in Paris first.


Here’s my entry hydrogen…

hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table of elements and it is colorless, odorless, and mainly found in water


Sorry serenity


Hmmm i’m debating weather or not to draw mine as a baby or have it be disintagrating cause it has a rely short halgh life


I would do both mixed into one


ooh disintegrating babies I like it

also how does one have an email conversation with a male human who is currently in Taiwan whom one has seen almost daily but not conversed with in almost a year aaa


Woah, I have no idea
But if he’s in Taiwan, how do you see him daily?