#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Thanks soo much DWAP!!!


I nominate:

@Madsie05- Her artwork was adorable!
@WhiteFeathers- Love the colour choices!
@SweeTeaStuffz- Amazing Texture and colour scheme!


I want to nominate
Xiaomiami’s and chicken girl’s
But I will end up nominating everyone…


I wonder if nominating everyone is allowed lol


I’ve already nominated 3 people!
Gah, why is everyone so nominating worthy!
Nvm, it’s great that everyone is working so hard


I finally finished the drawing for this. I think it’s hydrogen. The cloud skirt thing is because hydrogen is part of water. She is holding the stars because hydrogen helps make stars. She is floating because hydrogen is rhe lightest element. It isn’t great but at least I finished.

It looks slightly better in real life.


That’s amazing!




here’s my sketch
I’m using watercolours for this :000000


Heyo so yeah here ya go
I did francium
She’s alone
She’s mysterious


I nominate @WhiteFeathers submission because it’s flawlessss


here is my entry

I did helium and bismuth. helium is named after “Helios” because it was first discovered after a solar eclipse. to show this, I drew her in this sky, as the element’s a gas, and I drew the sun. it’s also colorless so I drew it in a slight monitone gray-ish blue color palette??
then I drew bismuth and theres not really an explanation for this one?? so yeah?? idk thanks


Wow, that looks awesome @photographer123!

hey guess what, I’m not actually dead!

Here is my entry for the challenge:

I based it off of this really cute picture of a little fox I found on the Internet. I tried to redraw it, Hydrogen style! (That’s a thing, right?)
Hope you like it! Sorry for not participating in the other challenges, I was super duper ooper shmooper busy. Baiiiiiiiiii!


thank you!! and hey! snazzy drawing btw


Wow ahh ;00;
That’s amazing!l <333
You deserve a life time supply of cookies




woAh thank you ;0; ooH yum cookies :DDD


I’m actually done, before the due date > U <
So I did mercury… and oxygen…
Mercury is a depressed element, and oxygen is there to help… in the form of a doggo
. Mercury holds her own blood, thinking of why she even is alive…

Click for better quality


Info on mercury

Mercury is a very shiny element and has colors of blue and silver, so I tried to use both colors…
There are street lights on her skirt, cause , mercury is used in a lot of street lights
I also added lighted effects to her hair and headband cause mercury is used in fluorescent lights.
Mercury feels alone, and depressed. She is one of the only liquid metals (at room temp). She feels left out…
she also is sad because of the pain she has done to people…
Mercury is a dangerous element
Her difference in clothing pieces (short skirts - summer, gloves and sweater -winter) represent that mercury is used in thermometers.
Mercury is holding her own “blood” and eyeing it, as if to hate it
Her only friend is oxygen, for mercury isn’t an element that bonds with many others, but it does bind with oxygen
I added a shiny affect to her eyes too…
Her hair is silky and smooth, to represent a liquid.
The pink area around her is a corderoite, for mercury is found in minerals like corderoite
Her skirt looks like the sea because many fish and shellfish have mercury in them
Her earrings have red and green, to symbolize positive and negative charges, in batteries. Mercury is used to make batteries.
Mercury’s half life is quite long, so that’s why she is an older person
Her skin tone is tan, for mercury was found in Egypt,
And yeah

Info on oxygen

Oxygen is Mercury’s dog, because mercury doesn’t really combine with any other elements, besides oxygen
Oxygen is very helpful
It keeps us alive, and it helps mercury cope
There are little orbs around her, just for some detail and “cool stuff”
It is a white color, cause air and clouds are portrayed as white

A corderoite and ref pics


This took too much time


!!! Such a cute doggo!!!
And a great art im wow


Thanks! Your drawing was fab too!
Love the highlights


It’s Gallium, uh as a mermaid. This is because Gallium actually has a very low melting point hence, it goes into a liquid state when being held or what it’s summer (in most places…)

Blue-green grey sort of colour because falliums a metal and mermaids are kinda like… aquatic based creatures??