#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Guess I’ll put this here too :V


I’ve got a project in school I need to work on, so … @Serenity I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish. (P.S. is anyone else doing iridium?)


Almost done
Just have to add the dog… and a signature…


did I post this yet?


its bad I get it

i started the lineart on the first day, so I get that it’s not in a recent style…


Ooooooh I love texture! Super cute <33
@Serenity can we nominate more than 1 persons art?


When is this due again?


April 8th I think


go ahead I need nominations XD


sorry for being annoying but

is it okay if I draw two elemental people in my entry??


Um so @serenity should I do this one? I don’t think I have enough time.


I nominate…
@Dude73 because it had a very good background, and she added personality to her character
@lemony_gem12 because it was very cute! The colors were very expressive and it really showed how the elements would be in human form!


Wait has anyone done titanium yet?
I have an idea!


more people than one can do an element



@MareJCS go ahead my dude
edit for Mare’s reply: go ahead my dude

@photographer123 go ahead my dude

@DogWithAPen thanks my dude

in case you haven’t noticed “my dude” is a new odd text quirk thing of cringe and I need to stop


Okay m8 thanks! Also is it okay if I were to draw say titanium man?


I don’t think so, because the whole point of the challenge was to create someone using an element? but idk don’t take my judgement


Okay so a fresh oc. Okedoke then that’s all I needed.


majhshsha no wait ask Serenity


How about I come ready with both April 8 and see which one is allowed


That’s ok my dude
Do whatever you want, my dude
The plague has got to me