#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Oh so like iron hydrogen copper titanium.etc


In looked up a list lol!!!:grin:


yep, haha! good luck, if you do try the challenge ^^


what do sodium and batman have in common?



Lol, yup


I tried to do sulfur :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks kinda bad bc I haven’t colored anything digitally in 800 years


Ok we’ve got, Hydrogen which is the lightest element, the ■■■■■■■ the left and neon on the right!


Great drawings!
Love the color and outfit schemes
Why is the ■■■■■■■ censored?


I have no idea maybe I pressed something?


Well I’m done.

So I did bromine (☆^ー^☆). The detached look is meant to represent that the element is a liquid at room temperature and the particles in a liquid are kinda free moving and spaced out… idk really.

The description on Wikipedia said that it was a ‘fuming red-brown liquid’ so that’s why the character’s kinda mad :P

I would have drawn a mercury to be the friend of bromine as they’re both liquids at room temperature but someone’s already doing mercury so maybe another day ( ^∇^)

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Only one person is doing mercury,
That’s me


Hey @fearlessphoenix says

I’ll do the challenge thing for naf


'ello @NaF

so it’s March 24th and we have about ten-ish days before I’ll be trying to filter through these entries

reminder that I’m taking poll nominations because without nominations we can’t have a poll

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jazz hands fading awkwardly into the distance


oh yes I finished mine

I have the pic on my phone, remind me to give it to you


Almost done… just have to do the face… and the dog… and the background…


sounds good

and sorry this is a stupid question but

is it okay if I draw two elements in my entry?

thank you so much ;))


I might not be able to finish mine due to some stuff going on. though ill try to finish but im so sorry i keep missing challenges :/


I’m super busy this weekend and next week, I might not be able to finish my drawing. Sorry! I have a lot of person issues, stuff after school, and homework going on right now.


I might not be able to finish my entry either
but I’ll try to fit it in


Man, a background is harder than I thought…

I want it to ave actual furniture and look realistic, but that’s hard