#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



That’s cool! Man , u are probably going to win! Everyone is doing sooo good.


ur definitely going to win. Mine isn’t even .000O0001% that cool. Probably because it isn’t done yet. You will at least be like one of the top people. I mean that blending those details AHHHH IM SO IMPRESSED


a aa thanks?? good luck to you, too!!!


nnnah, mine’s just sfx thrown together.

i believe in you!! anything can become cool if you work on it. tweak it until you’re too tired to keep improving it, and you’ll get somewhere at least ^^

thanks, by the way, , , im honored ;w;


Lol yeah
I’ve done the skirt and legs.
Just have to do the hair, face, upper body, and arms…


Ur welcome.

Me continuing to compliment...

I mean urs has a description and it’s really really detailed for a description. The colors just go so well togetherness and he darkness helps embrace those colors. The shading is amazing. Even the pose is like crazy good! The eyes, the smoke. WHEN WILL I STOP COMPLIMENTING. I should compliment Dudey’s too. Her’s is amazing like urs. But anyways, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s so cool. It’s got sort of a ‘I am the last thing you see before dying’ vibe. Where it’s cool but also like so detailed that it’s a bit scary! It’s just amazing.

How can one type so many compliments?


Wow, those are a lot of compliments.
I feel bad for barely putting any compliments here…


m, wish you luck!! :000 looking forward to seeing all of yours, this was a really cool prompt and I’m hyped to see other takes on elements.


Yeah! I can’t wat to see everyones!
Elements are cool, and I love seeing them personified


aaaaaa youre making me blush, , thanky ;w;
i’m glad to hear that the colors worked out decently! i was scared i was seeing it wrong bc im red-green colorblind lol, , ,

(also, don’t feel bad for not putting compliments haha, , , they’re appreciated, but not mandatory at all. i won’t judge you if you don’t have the energy to type out compliments. knowing you like it is already enough)


Well @dude73 I would like to keep the ‘compliment train’ chugging so…

Neon huh, very colorful choice

The background is so detailed and you made it kinda blurred so the main focus is on the character herself. The color choice compliments itself a lot. The backstory is WOAH muy detailed. ¿Tù hables español? Eh anyways, the pose is amazing. The outfit is simple making it easier to notice all the other wonderful details and less is more am I right? It’s just woah. I could blow up a ■■■■■ Star cause that’s so amazing just the colors burst with energy and zee open sign is honestly a small detail that is probably one of my favorite parts.


Uhh scream
You are actually? So nice I wasn’t expecting that <3

Thank you so much??? That literally means so much to me, thank you,


Well i figured, someone ought to compliment amazing art even if no one else is going as much overboard as I am!


Ooo hi this is cool! Can I do it even though I’m not in the art club!?




Even though I’m not in would it be ok If i were to do something like a gem or a birthstone like topaz?


mm, a lot of gems and birthstones are compounds, not elements. compounds are made up of multiple elements.

you could probably still do some precious metals and crystals, though. gold and silver are both elements, and still precious metals. carbon (root of life, by the way - interesting art concepts :eyes:) forms diamonds.


Oh ok thanks also would amber be an element?


oh, no, definitely not. amber is dried tree resin, so it’s chock full of tons of different compounds. still very very cool, though :000

here’s a periodic table to get you started - there’s tons of elements, really. i think serenity posted one earlier up? but. Eh.

you can also just look up a list of all the elements online.

and, i forgot to answer this bit, but you’re free to participate even if you’re not in the club!


Oh that’s sooo cool thanks! There are so many elements I’m intrigued lol