#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Well a lot of elements r shiny. Or gassy. Some are weird too. I believe a lot of these are going to be grey.


gonna git her here o3o


Is anyone else doing hydrogen?


I don’t know dwap was thinking about it but…


darn it

I already started doing carbon

So if anyone else is… whoops

(Yeah I know more than one person can do an element XD)


Nah I’m not going to do hydrogen…but OXYGEN
Cause mercury rarely bonds with any elements, and it mainly bonds with oxygen,


Lol here to help
Even though I’m bad at helping heh


You just need to help me draw birdos


All my elements are BORING
Like I can’t choose
I. Am. Not. Creative. Ok.


How about francium?


Dudey this is brilliant.

Tbh i love the little neon(?) sign like its neon! I love the concept of a dancer as well.

Though if i have to be picky i think red would’ve been a better colour since i think neon is originally red.


Hhh thank you! That means a lot <3

You’re right, neon is originally red. I just felt that pink felt a bit better with the alleyway sort of theme, ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Ah alright

Tbh while i would like red as its accurate i do agree that pink fits better with the alleyway theme


Oh, I really need to get on with this. I just have a lot to do irl ://


Same. I started on mine, but I don’t like it too much


Well, if ur elements are boring why don’t you chose

crickets chirp


… that is the best thing I’ve heard today


“Maybe crickets have the exact opposite sense of humor to us, so whenever you hear crickets after a bad joke it’s just your tiny fan club absolutely dying with laughter”

credit to Reddit


The parrot must look amazing…
But it doesn’t yet.

(Why u spammming me?)


ive got stuff to do this month, a lot of it, so i figured id finish today.

my element was Nihonium, one of the newer ones - it’s a synthetic radioactive element with a half-life ranging from 10 milliseconds to 10 seconds, depending on stability when created.

i tried to show the synthetic aspect with the colors green and purple, along with the radioactive aspect, because those colors are artificial-feeling.
the black eyes are for the artificial bit, but also because nihonium was created solely to stake a country’s name - nihon/japan - onto the periodic table. its sole purpose of its brief existence is for the glory of a country, hence greed for power, hence the black eye thing. also, it looks cool.
the two locks of hair and smoke are supposed to be for the radioactive bit. also, it looks cool.
i didn’t line this piece, not because i was lazy (i screamed for hours trying to figure out color boundaries with my messy sketches), but because i wanted to keep the division lines, like the one splitting the face into fourths, and also because it looks hazy. nihonium is a combination of several elements (firing calcium at americium). this is also why there are two skin tones. also, it looks cool.

p happy with the way this turned out lol, , , , , i’ve also now seen enough purple and green to last me a lifetime

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