#periodically [NaF CHALLENGE #5] [MARCH 2018]



Welcome, @NaF, to your March challenge!

After doing research on our “mascot”, sodium fluoride, I’ve discovered…that it’s actually not that interesting of a molecule. XD
But there are some pretty awesome types of atoms that exist, and I’ve decided this month’s challenge will be dedicated to making sure they’re all discovered!

your challenge ^^

Personify an element on the periodic table. Your character could be human with a dynamic personality, humanoid like my OC Caesia, or completely inhuman (an animal or mythical creature, perhaps). If your character has any interesting features that relate to their element, please add those with your entry!

If you’re having trouble finding an element you like or need help finding an element to research, feel free to ask questions or visit an online periodic table.

As promised, I’m going to make sure you all have roughly a full month to complete the challenge, so I’ve extended the due date to mid-April. The Members’ Choice poll will be up on April 7th, and entries will be due on April 8th.

Good luck, and much art!


This looks awesome!!
I’ll actually try to do this challenge for once XD

I’m gonna do lead, I think


Dibs on Neon! This is going to be so fun



okay, I’m definitely finishing this, it seems really cool


Can I do the challenge?


Great challenge! I’ll do this soon
But I’ll have to keep deciding between sodium or fluorine drawings!


I choose mercury!


Can I join too? I love chemistry!

Ok idek what this is about…

Someone please explain.

Then I’ll join…


You choose an element
You then make it into a human, or another creature

Are you in NAF? If not, you should sign up! Otherwise you may not be able to win a prize for this,


Naf? Plz show me the signup link hehe…




Ima do #111


this sounds like a lot of fun!!


Ok I wanna do either oxygen, gold or krypton.

I call dibs on oxygen


Great challenge! I call mercury ;)


Heyo! This is a really cool challenge, but I have a question. Can more than one person do the same element? Ty!


Lol yall choosing the basic natral elaments while i choose only the best, uninuninunium.


Lol yeah I kinda wanted to do curium or radon or something like that but they seemed hard


I think I’m going to do lead lol


aHHh this sounds so cool