Peril’s Art Pad Criticism



I need creative criticism and new ideas. Any ideas?



Hey @PerilTheSkywing the link is broken 4 me…


Hey Peril! I got up Hopscotch to take a look at this and so far, it looks pretty good. It draws quite well, which is what you kind of want in a drawing pad ;)

In regards to critisism, one thing I noticed about this was when turning off the ‘splotchy draw’ after use, the lines seemed to become more jagged. This may be unavoidable due to the fact that clones have had to be created and cause the drawing pad to lag as a result.

Another thing I noticed is that you can’t turn off the rainbow draw but I imagine you probably haven’t incorporated it yet due to time or something.

If you’re after new ideas, it might be worth adding more skin tones but that’s just an opinion of mine. You don’t have to take it into account or anything. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Hopefully this helped you somehow!


It draws really nicely, and I really like that!


Cool drawing pad! I noticed a couple things

  1. Maybe you could make the watermark more faded

  2. I think there’s this bug for the splotchy draw where the circle flashes on and off

EDIT: I changed the code a bit and added a few things to make it work better. Here it is :slight_smile:


Great art pad!
The only thing I would change is making the splotchy drawing have bigger spots but I think that change comes down to personal preference.

Other than that it’s a great art pad! I really like how there are so many colours and I like the rainbow draw!


Maybe make it so you can hide the drawing tools?


You maybe can do like I did in my drawing pad:

Have HSB-colours so you can choose exactly EVERY colour in HS!


I believe that artists prefer palletes, not Arrow holding things, that’s why DPX has a pallet and indicators for sliders


Then you can use BOTH HSB-arrows and colour palettes