Performance issues and other bugs [SOLVED]

Since a couple of days ago, the performance in the player has dropped significantly. This has already been reported several times but we have gotten no answer from THT.

Another bug that seems to have been introduced recently is that the original text of an object is drawn on top of the new text, if you put set text when game starts and the original text was an emoji.

The third bug I noticed I haven’t been able to reliably recreate or trace at all, but you can see it in this project:

The thumbnail shows how it is supposed to look, and has looked (on several devices, all the times I’ve tried it until now). I’ll try to trace the bug.

@AwesomeOnion @Rodrigo


I’ve noticed the stuff with performance but not th thing with the text.

That’s really weird.

I hope they do smth abt this


Update: I know what happened with the trail art (the second bug).

For some reason, the maximum digits of precision has changed. It used to be 16, now only the first 12 digits are precise, the others are rounded.
Decimals are rounded at the 6th decimal place.


Strange, I wonder why they don’t display float64’s
We should persuade for 64 bit precision but that might make it laggy I dont know



It’s really quite odd…


Very interesting! An unintended consequence of fixing this bug: Bug Report: Math operations introduce error

I wonder if that is the cause of the performance issues as well. I’ll roll it back and you can let me know.

Edit: check your about page to see if your webplayer is d3e232 and let me know if the lag is fixed


Thank you. I told Ana as well but based on @AwesomeOnion’s activity, they seem to be busy on something at the moment. Performance in general: Drawing Pad X and Twisty Arrow can’t properly detect restarts, and performance in many projects are about 10 FPS below what they should be

oops did not see awesomeonion’s post


Oh yeah, one of my wip projects sometimes freezes (and I’m forced to either exit the project or publish/remix it to unfreeze the project — the Edit, Remix, Restart, Home buttons work tho) but it’s been freezing since before the latest update, so idk.


I don’t really know. Nothing seems fixed based on Drawing Pad X, as it used to be able to hold 40 frames initially and 55 frames normally, but now it only holds 46 frames. Twisty arrow performs about 12 frames below average still as well.


I saw that topic before, was wondering if hat was the reason.
Both the lag and the precision bug seem to be fixed now, thanks a lot!


Everything is really laggy and some functions will malfunction or won’t function. Do you know how to make it function so that it will function @CreationsOfaNoob @AwesomeOnion my webplayer version is d3e2327



I knew that reducing precision, loosely speaking, was a tempting solution to deal with the floating point arithmetic error but quickly realized that any such action would obviously break any project that relied on using 15 digits of precision (note: you can get 16 but it’s not guaranteed). I asked awesomeonion how she “fixed” the floating point arithmetic error, but wasn’t answered.

Maybe if THT was more engaged with users problems like this (the “precision bug”) could be avoided


I haven’t played anything on Hopscotch since yesterday, but this is really weird!


I’m working on a project to test performance, I’ll post here when I’m finished. It will test specific actions and give scores for each (lower is better), you can control the clones in it too


There should be a new update today-tomorrow. I think awesomeunion tried to fix this problem in the new release. Check it out and tag me if the problem persists.


Try to compress the SAS microchip, maybe it will compress the auxiliary microchip.

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you might need to transmit the neural SMS application

I made a project with 108 clones and it whitescreened. What?

This still happens actually, and I have also experienced the text bug once as well (but I don’t remember it well enough).