Percy jackson collab


To take part you have to have read/watched at least 1 book. After that we'll make a movie on hopscotch make sure to have fun and...



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First of all on the cover there is lightning and a hand second the movies ■■■■ so if you don't like the. Movies I don't either but the books are awesome!!!


I'll join, but are we going to do the whole book or a chapter or some chapters? A lot happens in the books.


1-5 chapters I will assign each person a chapter or 2


Could I join? ( I actually have the entire series next to me in a pile )


Which chapters would we work on, and on which book?


I have read all the Percy Jackson books and watched all the movies ( I really don't like the movies though) I have stopped reading at The Son of Neptibe but I still really like the series and books! May I j̤̮o̤̮i̤̮n̤̮?


Why? Have you at least passed the part with Hazel's involvement in the past with giants? Also, yeah, the movies are awwwwful.


I have read all the books by Rick Riordan





I have all the PJATO and 1 of GOO.


@Nerd4Ever chapter 9-10
@seawolfwerehorse chapter 7-8
@RobotPro chapter 5-6
@PercyJackson9 chapter 3-4
@GysvANDRegulus chapter 1-2
All chapters are for the Lightning theif( book 1)


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Um then can you. Or e-book audio book( I am listening to the book 3) or watch the movie you don't need to do this "challenge"




You bet


I luv those books

And the guy and his friends

And annabeth and hoverdam


That Luke dying tho ..... I was like ........XD


Anonymous? Niceeeee